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4 Home Seller Myths That Can Sabotage Your Sale

4 Home Seller Myths That Can Sabotage Your Sale

4 Home Seller Myths That Can Sabotage Your Sale

Every industry and area of activity seems to have its own set of myths and misconceptions, and the real estate world is no exception. But when you’re engaging in the serious business of selling your home, you can’t afford to fall prey to “accepted wisdom” about how to achieve the quickest and/or more lucrative deal. Let’s look at four common misconceptions that could easily torpedo your home selling efforts.

Misconception 1: Spring Is Always the Best Time to Sell

Home owners tend to regard spring as a magical season in which homes fly off of the market. But while it’s genuinely true that buyers have more time to shop for homes during spring and summer vacation periods, that doesn’t mean that you can’t sell your home at any time of year. Some buyers may even be waiting for fall and winter, with the assumption that these supposedly slow periods may open up good opportunities for deals.

Misconception 2: Open Houses Are a Waste of Time and Energy

Why should you bother setting up open houses for your property when today’s sales depend so heavily on MLS listings and social media strategies? The simple truth is that prospective buyers like to explore their possibilities up close and in person. The more opportunities you give the public to see what you’ve got to offer, the more easily you and your buyer can find each other.

Misconception 3: Appraised Value Equals Market Value

Good news — your home has received an appraisal that assigns it a very handsome value indeed. That amount is what you can expect to get for your home, right? Don’t you believe it. Your sale price will ultimately depend, not on the home’s appraisal value, but on its market value. This market value depends on what the homes in your area for selling for, and on the price you and your buyer settle on.

Misconception 4: Your Home Needs Either Total Renovation or Nothing at All

Sellers often make the mistake of taking an all-or-nothing approach to preparing their homes for sale. This attitude might lead you to assume that you need to redo your entire interior or exterior from top to bottom, causing you to spend tons of money on unnecessary “improvements.” On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might think that you can get away with selling your home as is, warts and all. But an unappealing home might remain on the market indefinitely, while a “fixer-upper” is likely to command only a fraction of its best-case asking price.

In addition to the items in this list, there’s one more seller’s myth you should go ahead and dispense with: the idea that you should sell your home by yourself. This misconception can run you ragged while most likely resulting in an unsatisfying transaction. Contact our experienced real estate agents today and let us help ensure that you sell your home the smart way!



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