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How to Prep Your Home for Showings

How to Prep Your Home for Showings

How to Prep Your Home for Showings

Preparing your home for showing, a process known as staging, is just as crucial as any other step in your home selling journey. Check out these helpful tips for making sure that your home is ready to take center stage.

Remove that “unique” decor. You may love that stuffed moose head mounted over the pool table, but don’t expect most prospective buyers to share your enthusiasm. People tend to buy homes that they can imagine themselves inhabiting, which means that you must depersonalize your home by removing those “unique” touches that make it all about you.

Remodel in light, neutral colors. Dark colors work against home showings by making the home appear smaller and gloomier than it should. Repainting a dark-colored room in a pleasant, bright, neutral color will add both cheer and a sense of spaciousness. Replacing aggressively-colored carpeting with more neutral shades aids in this effect while also providing more of a “blank slate” that will complement your viewers’ tastes and furnishings.

Get it clean (and keep it clean). Hard as it may be to keep a house showroom-clean while also living in it every day, you must maintain the impression of newness and hygiene if you expect prospective buyers to like what they see. Keep toy chests and other receptacles at the ready, but just out of visual range, so you can put away any loose items on a regular basis. Sweep, dust and vacuum as if you were expecting royalty to drop by any minute. Pay special attention to the bathrooms and kitchen by removing all traces of clutter and making sure all surfaces and appliances are sparkling clean.

Appeal to the prospect’s nose. Have you ever found yourself transported by the aroma of fresh flowers or freshly-baked cookies? The right scents can trigger powerful feelings of “This is home” in your prospective buyers, so stage your home for sale accordingly. You don’t actually have to bring flowers in from your garden or bake cookies every day; simply lighting scented candles and/or using aromatic aerosol products can get the job done.

Beautify your exterior. The first thing your visitors see will be your home’s exterior. Make that impression a good one by doing your landscaping, cleaning the yard of toys, and applying fresh paint or siding if necessary.

Are you ready for more insights into staging your home for showing? Our agents can provide detailed, personalized advice to help you appeal to your specific ideal buyer. Contact us today for a consultation!



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